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I am pleased to note that the GIIP team has developed a unique and comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents training program for accomplished technical and legal graduates and post graduates. There are at least four dimensions of the training program that make it incomparable within India:

First, GIIP programs combine the IP practices of India and United States of America, along with an overview of European and Japanese systems. The courses are tailored for both technical & legal graduates and post graduates.

Second, the practical knowledge of GIIP’s courses is founded on the specialized books on patents and IP by Steve Shear of Silicon Valley Seminars, a highly respected provider of patents & IP training in the US. GIIP has exclusive rights to these books for India and other Asian countries.

Third, the academic knowledge of IP is brought to GIIP through its collaboration with University of Washington’s Center for Advanced Studies and Research (CASRIP) and William Mitchell College of Law, USA. Therefore, through distance teaching, their faculty members add specialized knowledge of IP policies and considerations, upon which the global practices of IP are based, and

Fourth, through the exposure to a rich mix of teachers from different countries and various industries, the GIIP students are able to appreciate the breadth of growing global career opportunities with law firms, corporations, research institutions, and KPO’s.

Therefore, if you have the required educational background, an analytical bend, and the ambitions of becoming an expert in international patents and intellectual property, then the GIIP program is for you, as it is designed to build a strong foundation for a promising career in the field.

As an IP professional trained in global IP, a large new horizon of opportunities will open for you, with no limits of national boundaries, industry domains, and possibilities. After all, the demand for experts in patent and IP is expected to continue growing for a long time in all developed economies (US, Europe & Japan) and those undergoing rapid development (India, China, Brazil & Russia). Globally, the IP portfolio of a nation will increasingly relate to its economic power.

Kailash Joshi, Ph.D.
Former IBM (US) General Manager
Chairman & Mentor

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