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As part of our mission to be a world-class institute for training of technical and legal talent that
meets the growing demand for employable skills in the field of International Patents and IP services, we are trying to bring together an agglomerate of Intellectual Property practitioners and the industry experts together to make our students the global experts in Intellectual Property Arena.

To facilitate greater participation of students in our International training programs, GIIP provides financial assistance in the form of Education Loan from HDFC bank, Industry and Trustee sponsored Scholarships and Corporate Sponsorships for deserving, meritorious and needy students.

Education Loans

Education loans are available to all GIIP course participants from various nationalized banks and financial institutions at student loan interest rates

GIIP Scholarships

GIIP is happy to announce scholarships for meritorious & needy students.

GIIP currently is inviting applications for 2 Industry Sponsored and 3 Trustee Sponsored scholarships

Students who enroll for our full time Diploma / Certificate Program are eligible to apply for scholarship. The students can apply for scholarship post the admission process, generally within the first two weeks of the commencement of the program

The Scholarship amount will be paid in two equal installments, one at end of trimester I of the program and second at end of trimester II of the program To apply for the scholarship, students at time of enrollment for the program can request for a scholarship application form from the placement cell. All requests are processed in 45 days from date of submission of the completed scholarship application form.

Please note:

Corporate Sponsorship

MNCs, Indian Corporate, KPOs and Law Firms sponsor their existing employees for GIIP’s courses or they pre-screen, interview and select registered candidates and sponsors one or two for the course.

The student who accepts the sponsorship, on completion of the course, is bound to join the
sponsoring corporate. The sponsorship amount is paid directly to GIIP at the start of the program or to the student on completion of the course (if the student has paid the course fee himself/herself) or once the student joins the corporate. No stipend or salary is paid by corporate during the course duration.

Enrolled students will be informed in case such opportunity becomes available. A few Corporate Sponsorships may become available in area of Biotechnology, Pharma, Telecom and IT sectors. GIIP is working with other MNCs and Indian companies for obtaining sponsorships for needy and deserving candidates.

To register your request for corporate sponsorship, please write to us at

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