Faculty and Trainers

Global Institute of Intellectual Property engages the best patent attorneys, litigators and strategists to teach. Practical knowledge and mentoring are a strong part of the training.

Steve Shear
Author and Mentor Steve Shear
Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar
IP Valuation and Licensing Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar
R. Saha
Academic Head, Indian IP R. Saha
Bart van Wezenbeek
EU Patent Law Bart van Wezenbeek
Dr. Manish Kumar
Indian Patent Law, Prosecution Dr. Manish Kumar
Ravi Upasani
Life Sciences Patents Ravi Upasani
Firasat Ali
US Patent Law Firasat Ali
David Berry
US Patent Law, Prosecution David Berry
Manik Gupta
Patent Analytic, Drafting Manik Gupta
Aalt Van de Kuilen
Search, Analytics Aalt Van de Kuilen
Joseph E. Root
Patent Drafting (US) Joseph E. Root
Dr. Sushil Iyer
Patent Drafting and Prosecution at the USPTO Dr. Sushil Iyer
Subhadip Sarkar
Software Patents and IP Management Subhadip Sarkar
(Visiting Faculty)
Stephen Adams
Advanced Patent Searches Stephen Adams
Prof. T C James
Copyrights, GI, Design, Trademarks Prof. T C James
Rajeshwari Hariharan
Patent Prosecution, Infringement Rajeshwari Hariharan
(Visiting Faculty)
Dr. Deepa Kachroo Tiku
Indian Patent Act and Biotechnology Patents Dr. Deepa Kachroo Tiku
(Visiting Faculty)
Dr. Chitra Arvind
Patent Agent Exam Preparation Dr. Chitra Arvind
(Visiting Faculty)
Maninder Kaur
Patent & Trademark Maninder Kaur
(Visiting Faculty)
Poornima Ganesh
US, Indian Patent Law, Patent Drafting & Prosecution Poornima Ganesh
(Visiting Faculty)
Purwa Rathi
Drafting and Patent Prosecution. Purwa Rathi
(Visiting Faculty)
Ankush Mahajan
Patent Analytics Ankush Mahajan
(Visiting Faculty)
Jyoti Kumari
Biotech and Biosciences Jyoti Kumari
(Visiting Faculty)
Dr. Sanjay Sarkar
Chemistry Patents Dr. Sanjay Sarkar
(Visiting Faculty)
Deepak Lamba
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Patents, Design Patents Deepak Lamba
(Visiting Faculty)

and many more!

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