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Prospective Students

Admission Process

1. How do I obtain a course prospectus?

To obtain a course catalog, click the link – Download Prospectus

2. What is the complete admission process?

Apply online (Download Application Form) or contact our training centres at Delhi and Bangalore or write to us at

• Application form will be evaluated by the GIIP Selection Committee for assessing eligibility of the applicant for the program.

• All qualified applicant will be informed of their selection

• All selected applicants will be asked to contact respective local centre for completing the enrolment process.

3. What are the working hours for GIIP office?

Working hours for GIIP office are 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. (Mon – Fri)

4. Is there any fee for applying? If yes, to whom should the fee be payable?

The application form is absolutely free. However, you will have to pay a Registration fee of Rs. 25000 (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) along with the Application form. The Application form will be forwarded to the GIIP`s selection committee for evaluation only on receipt of the Registration fee. If your application form is approved for admission the fee will be adjusted against the final fee amount else the same will be refunded. The Cheque / DD to be made in favor of `Global Institute of Intellectual Property Pvt. Ltd.`, payable at New Delhi

5. What documents are to be submitted along with the Application form?

All the admission related documents need to submitted post selection

6. If I have a question regarding admission whom should I contact?

In case of an admission related query please email us at:

Academic Affiliations

1. What is the nature of the tie-up with University of Washington, CASRIP?

GIIP signed an exclusive memorandum of understanding (MOU) with University of Washington (UW), Seattle, USA and Centre for Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual Property (CASRIP). GIIP in collaboration with CASRIP (UWSL) to provide advance level training program in the field of International Patents and Intellectual Property services. UW and GIIP will have Student Exchange Program and UW Faculty Resources to be available to GIIP programs

2. What is the nature of tie-up of GIIP with Silicon Valley Seminars?

The US section of our courseware for the full-time program has been designed and developed jointly by Mr. Steve Shear, Head Silicon Valley Seminars Inc., USA. and GIIP’s Advisory team. Mr. Steve Shear is Program co-Chair at GIIP and from time to time conducts ‘Teach the Trainer’ (TTT) programs for our Resident Professors and Lecturers. GIIP has been granted exclusive rights for books and publications of Mr. Steve Shear for India and other English speaking Asia-Pacific countries.

Career Opportunities

1. How would GIIP program offer a career opportunity in the area of patents and IP?

GIIP offers a balance of academic and practical knowledge pertaining to all aspects of Patents & IP.

GIIP program(s) offers global career prospects with leading MNC’s, corporate houses, law firms, govt. and private institutions as GIIP has tie-ups with MNCs, Law Firms, R&D Institutions, KPOs and Indian Corporations for placement of its graduates).

2. Is there a career in Intellectual Property law for technical /science graduates?

There are essentially lots of career opportunities for technical / science graduates in intellectual property. Some of which are listed below

• Patent Engineers, Agents

• Patent Examiners and work with PTO

• Patent & IP Expert / Advisor / Consultant

• Patent Prosecutors

• Licensing and Valuation Experts

For more information, go to CAREER OPPORTUNITES

3. If I am not technically qualified can I still be an IP professional?

In case you are not technically qualified, you need to be at least a law graduate to be in the IP profession. For more information, go to CAREER OPPORTUNITES

Courses Offered

1. What are the training locations for courses offered by GIIP?

Bangalore and Delhi
For location addresses and contact information, go to Contact us

2. What is the training methodology for courses offered by GIIP?

GIIP has evolved a comprehensive form of transferring knowledge from overseas to India. Some distinctive methods of training adopted at GIIP include:

o Classroom lectures delivered through video conferencing by experienced instructors and IP practitioners

o Online e-learning modules

o Mentoring sessions: Individual guidance from IP practitioners and experts, specific to the technical field of the participant

o Illustrations and case study methods: The emphasis of the program is on providing first hand practical experience

o Interactive sessions with both instructors and peer group

At GIIP, design and delivery of the training imparted by the international faculty, is geared to address global markets and enable employment.

3. What are the various courses offered by GIIP?

GIIP offers both full-time and part-time program for science, engineering, legal graduates, post-graduates and PhD holders. GIIP offers short programs for working professionals and Corporate series for MNCs, Law Firms, KPOs, LPOs, Indian Corporate and Research Institutes. For more information, go to Courses Offered

Financial Aid and Scholarship Program

1. Is there any education loan available for these programs?

Education Loans from HDFC banks and HDFC Credila Financial Services Private Ltd (HDFC credila ONLINE) are available. Candidates who qualify our selection process can apply for the loan, which normally takes 8 – 10 working days for processing.

GIIP allows payment of program fee in 3 equal interest free installments

2. Does GIIP offer any scholarships? If yes, are there any deadlines for applying? How do I qualify to obtain a scholarship?

Yes, GIIP does offer scholarship and sponsorship of the following kind.

Scholarship: Industry sponsored scholarships are available for meritorious students.

Academic Scholarships :are awarded to a limited number of students. On joining the program, you will be provided with an application form to fill the scholarship application, which will be forwarded to various Organizations, who have committed to offer scholarships to outstanding candidates, along with your profile. Financial need is considered but is not a requirement. The selected candidates for the scholarship will be informed within 45 days of the start of the program.

Sponsorship: Corporate sponsorships available for pre-screened, selected candidates You can apply for the corporate sponsorship after passing the Online Test. For further details, contact your local centre.


1. What kind of placements has been provided to GIIP program pass outs?

Students from our past programs have been successfully placed with leading Organizations, such as Panacea Biotech, Ranbaxy, Cisco, Evalueserve, CPA Global, Ripple IP Services, Lexadigm, Inventurus, Anand & Anand, Remfry & Sagar, Ius Juris, A A Mohan Associates, IP Pro Inc., Girija Law & Associates, etc.

2. Does GIIP provide placement /internship for the newly enrolled students of the full-time batch?

Yes, GIIP will arrange for your Inetrenship followed by Placement. The profile of companies will range from MNCs, India Corporate, LPOs, Law Firms and R&D Organizations



1. How do I get an email account?

The email account will be given to GIIP students along with the enrollment number.

2. Is the part time course same as the full time program?

The full time course is for six months and the part time course is for 9 months and is for working professionals with work experience in their area of technical expertise.

3. Do we have tutorials?

Yes, during GIIP – CASRIP sessions post lunch tutorials /group discussions will be onducted.

4. What is the exam assessment process in GIIP?

Please refer to the Exam Assessment sections of the Students Handbook or login to MYGIIP for more information

5. When are exams conducted and what is the marking scheme for examinations?

For the 6 months full time GIIP–CASRIP program examination are conducted after each trimester. Please refer to Exam guide section of the Student Handbook or login to MyGIIP for more information.

6. I am a student of GIIP how do I access digital/Paper library?

For accessing the paper library student shall contact the centre coordinator. For accessing the digital library login to MyGIIP area.

7. What is a typical GIIP program class like?

A typical program class would be a mix of Graduates/Post-graduates/PhDs in the field of

• Science
• Engineering
• Bio-technology
• Pharma
• IT & High tech

Other technical fields, Domain Experts, Research Scholars and Legal Professionals (LL.B. & LL.M.) with technical background.

8. Do we have practical hands on sessions along with the theory sessions?

Yes, GIIP –CASRIP program has been so devised that Post lunch, there will be break room sessions, which will be conducted under the guidance of Technical Trainer.

One of the following three types of activities may be performed by the student, each day:

• Case Studies
• Group Discussions
• Research and Presentations
• Assignments – To be done in classroom/break room

9. How often can we meet the faculty?

Every centre has local trainers and the resident mentors shall be visiting the centres after the completion of the subject.

10. Can we raise queries in the middle of the sessions?

GIIP CASRIP program lecture sessions will be conducted such that the International mentors/ Resident mentors/ Visiting faculty will take lectures in an interactive mode. This will be followed by question & answer sessions.

11. How can we pose course related queries to the faculty outside the sessions?

GIIP students can mail their questions to the faculty members.
Please login to MyGIIP for further details

12. After I have enrolled how do I get my enrollment number?

Enrollment number will be a part of the induction kit.

13. Is attendance a mandatory criterion for the award of course Certificate?

Yes, certainly a minimum of 70 percent attendance is mandatory to qualify for GIIP – CASRIP certification.

14. What does the Counsellor do?

The primary responsibility of students counsellor is to Assist in placements of candidates by arranging campus interviews.

15. When are exams conducted and what is the marking scheme for examinations?

For the 6 months full time GIIP–CASRIP program examination are conducted after each trimester. Please refer to Exam guide section of the Student Handbook or login to MyGIIP for more information.

16. How do I make up for classes that I could not attend?

If a GIIP student could not attend the scheduled session then following needs to be done.
After having send the request to the centre coordinator a recorded session at the centre under the guidance of the technical trainer will be arranged.

17. I am a student of GIIP how do I access digital/Paper library?

For accessing the paper library student shall contact the centre coordinator. For accessing the digital library login to MyGIIP area.

Miscellaneous Questions

1. What do I need to do to take up the U.S. patent/ Indian patent agent exam?

All the required information for U.S. Patent agent exam and Indian Patent agent exam can be obtained from U.S. Patent office at and Indian Patent office site at or

2. How can I get a written verification that I am enrolled or have graduated from GIIP? If enrolled, how can I get a letter stating my good academic standing?

Send in a request with the centre coordinator and fill in the required form for letter of recommendation /good standing.

3. I need a copy of my transcripts .How do I go about it?

Transcripts are provided after successful completion of the program. To obtain an additional copy mail your request to the centre coordinator.

4. I changed my residence address, how do I notify GIIP of the same?

Whenever a GIIP student changes contact address, it needs to be informed to GIIP, the student can send a mail to GIIP centre coordinator providing relevant and complete information regarding address change.

5. What do I do if I cannot appear for the final examination?

If the leave has been anticipated prior to the exam then this needs to be informed to GIIP well in advance and the student needs to fill in the exam absenteeism form. and shall have to fill the re-exam form with the prescribed fee for re-examination.

6. What do I do if I cannot appear for the final examination?

In case of a sickness /ailment send in a mail to the centre coordinator and the faculty prior to the session.

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