Alumni Speaks

Dear Sir,

After completing my and having a offer in my hand, I was one day thinking about my future when I suddenly realised that most of the crowd of India is either doing, MBA or going for a normal IT job. what should I do which is more interesting and challenging and also gives me a good and a "different" career path for my life? Next day first thing I goggled was different career options in India and I found this field of "intellectual property". After exploring for about half a day, this field looked impressive to me and I decided to try it. Next I looked for all the institutes giving this course. Top name that appeared everywhere was GIIP. GIIP is the only institute in India that teaches US, EP and Indian patent law. So I called GIIP and I had a good fortune of talking to Sameer sir who has always helped the students to choose right career path and I would say helping me now also whenever I need him. He explained me everything about IPR and patents, finally I decided to join the PG Diploma course. . Believe me 6 months during the classroom training were awesome. You have so much new to learn. Even in your B.Tech you will not study or learn so much as you will learn during this course. The mentors who use to come from the industry were all amazing. All the people that came were all known and reputed faces of the industry. They were all experts in their field and use to teach us with lot of patience. They all guided us properly about the subject knowledge and future career options in this field.

I am currently working in one of the reputed IP firm in Bangalore as a Patent analyst and I must say GIIP placement team provided me a good platform and company to work with.

My zeal to do something different in life brought me to GIIP and GIIP has really helped me fulfill my zeal. For future candidates I would just say that if you are really planning to enter into this field please do not choose any other institute but GIIP. they are experts in this field and the expert can understand your dream and help you realise it.

Thanks and regards, Shubham Nayyar.
Shubham Nayyar, B.Tech Electronics and Communication, PG Diploma 2015
Patent Analyst at IP Pro, Bangalore
Dear Sir,

I am really thankful to everyone from GIIP. The teachers are always kind and professional. I really appreciate Mr. Sameer for his initiative to join me in this course. The course structure is comprehensive with many modules in Intellectual property being offered, giving students to specialize in various aspects of Intellectual property.

Special thanks to Mr. Aatish for helping me get the right opportunity to learn and project myself in the professional world.

Thanks and regards, Bhavana Chowdary.
Bhavana Chowdary, B-Pharma PG Diploma 2015
Patent Research Analyst at T T Consultants, Chandigarh
Dear Sir,

My experience at GIIP has been very enriching. It helped me in gaining knowledge in every aspect of Intellectual property. The course was very well structured and the content was also very good. I would like to thank all the faculty members, both visiting and resident, especially Mrs. Ritika Ahuja who gave us immense knowledge of the field of patents.

Thanks and regards, Jyoti Solanki.
Jyoti Solanki, M. Sc (Biochem) PG Diploma 2015
Patent Analyst at Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan, New Delhi
I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in facilitating my placement with Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan. Your suggestions were quite helpful in preparing for the written test and the interview.

Regards, Madhurya.
Madhurya, B,Tech (Electrical),
PG Diploma July 2014
Dear Sir,

Thanks will be not an equivalent term for all the concern shown by the internal and external mentors of GIIP.

Initially because of the encouragement given by Mr. Atulya Nath, CEO and Mr. Sameer Guglani, Business Head, that intended me to to perceive this course.

And in classes Mrs. Rithika Ahuja Mam, Senior IP associate forwarded all of us in a right direction, and gave valuable knowledge about all aspects of intellectual property." The promptly suggestions that we got in by the external mentors, will be a knowledge asset which an IP professional feels as a valuable.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Aatish Arora Placement head, who pitched in a right manner for all the candidates placement, and to all My batch members and Mr. Ankur Srivastava, IP associate, who gave the good class ambiance.

I do say the whole credit goes for GIIP, and whatever IP knowledge they are showering is never comparable to anything.

Thanks and regards, Manju.
Manju M, B.Tech (Electronics & Communications), PG Diploma 2014 (Winter Batch)
Patent Analyst Intern at Wissen Research, Chandigarh
Dear Sir/Madam,

Warm Greetings!

GIIP has provided me a good learning experience both in theoretical and practical aspects of Patent Domain. It�s my immense pleasure to take this opportunity to thank the Director, CEO, Placement Officer, Marketing Head and Faculty member both Internal Faculty as well as External Industry Experts from various organization to share their Patent Subject knowledge and Industrial experience with us.

Thanks to GIIP Management for providing placement offer with leading Law firm in Delhi.

Thanks to Mr. Atulya Nath, The Director, for making glory in my life by providing such a wonderful platform and career in Patent. Sir ,really take cares of every student at GIIP from freshers to experience people with utmost parental care and makes sure that all the students gets placed in well reputed organization with dream offer by gaining Industrial Experience during the course time.

Thanks to Mr. Sameer who initiated the admission process over phone explaining in details about the Full-Time PGD course and his guidance helped me to start with a new career in Patent Domain.

Thanks to Mrs. Ritika, her vast Industry experience and expertise in Indian Patent Law,US Patent Law,Patent Drafting and specifications has helped me a lot to understand the Patent subject matter in-depth from basic to advance level. Thanks to Mr. Aatish who has played an vital role in providing Placement guidance on regular basis @GIIP,Mr. Aatish took much effort and utmost care in placing me in a good firm based on my research experience. His timely suggestion and feedback after each and every interview has helped me to identify the strength and weakness of myself.

Once again thank to the GIIP Management for their wonderful support during the course transition and looking for the same support in mere future.

"GIIP makes sure that every student's dream comes true with a dream offer."

With regards, M Manigandan
Manigandan M, M.Tech (Mechatronics), B.Tech (E & C), PG Diploma 2014 (Winter Batch)
Patent Analyst at Lakshmi kumaran and Sridharan, New Delhi
Academic excellence and superb faculty is expected from a program such as the IP from GIIP. I would like to mention more on intangible and, in my opinion, the more enduring lifelong benefit/advantage that the GIIP PG diploma in IP has given me.

Doing PG diploma in IP from GIIP was a life-changing experience for me. I found the course to be of an exceptional quality and easy to follow. A beautiful campus setting, classmates from many different cultures and backgrounds, lecturers with interesting insights into current best industry practice and academic thinking, an intimate class-tutor environment, a focus on individual personal development. I found the intensive program to be very much personalized while affording me with valuable one-on-one relationships with the faculty.

GIIP has given me the confidence to move ahead in my career (IP). It gave me the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I do, how well I do it and where I can improve together with the toolkit to progress. It has given me a much greater sense of appreciation for what it is to become strategically focused. But ultimately, it was the opportunity to apply my existing skillset coupled with those skills learned on intellectual properties in my own workplace that has proved most rewarding.

Regards, Sheetal
Sheetal Yadav, M.Tech (Biotechnology), PG Diploma 2014 (Winter Batch)
Patent Analyst at Grover Law, New Delhi
I found GIIP course brochure in my spam mail last May when I was clueless on what to do after I quit my job as a QC Engineer. I applied, got through and I must say GIIP provides a wonderful learning opportunity in field of IPR. The mentors who come to teach are masters in the field. The knowledge I gained in GIIP in those 6months is significantly great. I joined GIIP with less than adequate knowledge in IP but now I love the field. I got a different career direction altogether that too staying in the same technology field that I completed my bachelors in. Learning is a continuous process at GIIP and a great experience. I'm placed in IPpro Inc. Bangalore as a Patent analyst with a great package. I can't thank GIIP and all the mentors in Bangalore and Delhi enough!
Jean D Mello, B.Tech (Electronics & Communications), PG Diploma 2014
Patent Analyst at IP Pro INC, Bangalore

Just went through the result , I have Cleared my Patent Agent 2013 exam .Thanks to GIIP team It was constant effort by wonder full people who guided me to clear this exam

Thanks and Regards, Manjunath Meti
Manjunath Meti, M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), PG Diploma 2014
Patent/IP consultant at Kan and Krishme, Delhi
I finally got a job. I will be working as Patent Associate at Inttl Advocare under Dr. Vishal Tripathi from Monday.

Thanks a lot for your help, care, love and encouragement. I hope to do well in this field. Here's wishing a great time for all the new students at GIIP.

Regards, Punam
Punam Kadam, M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), PG Diploma 2014
Patent Analyst at Inttl Advocare, Delhi
My experience at GIIP has been indeed enriching. The course is excellently designed with various modules covering all the crucial aspects of patents. The regular hands on exercises and assignments which come along with deadlines have greatly enhanced my time management skills. The most interesting part of this course is that you get to interact with various experienced people working in the field of IPR. I want to thank Ms. Ritika for her guidance and support.

A special thanks to Mr. Aatish Arora for being very supportive and encouraging throughout the placements.

Thanks, Kanika
Kanika Arora, M.Sc (Chemistry), PG Diploma 2014
Patent Associate at Lex Orbis, Delhi
I have great experience of learning and understanding almost every aspect of Intellectual property especially patents. Trainers (internal as well as external) provided me with excellent knowledge about IP. Also management persons and placement officer assist me at each and every point towards defining the path and goal.

I was more impressed from the culture and relation between students and staff within the institute. Assistance regarding learning, placement and development of students was really good there.

I am grateful to be student of GIIP.

I wish GIIP great success towards educating people IP and creating dynamic alumni in future.
Dhananjay Kumar S. Das
B.Tech (Computer Science), PG Diploma 2014
Dear Sir,

With due regards to you, I would like to share my experience at G.I.I.P, Delhi. Sir, the last 6 months have been quite enlightening as well as enthralling. The course content provided is very good, the faculties (visiting and permanent) are very good too.

I thank you for providing opportunity to work with Chadha & Chadha as intern and hope your esteemed institute keeps growing.
Piyush Kaushish
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineer), PG Diploma 2014 (Winter Batch)
I would like to thank for providing me with an opportunity to work with India's best law firm in Intellectual Property. The team of is the best recruitment I have ever seen in my career. I wish them all the success.

Vineed Nair Remfry & Sagar
Vineed Nair
B.Tech (E & C), PG Diploma July 2013
GIIP as the name suggests it is truly dedicated to what it stands for - Global Institute of Intellectual Property. GIIP has been providing and has provided me world class knowledge about Intellectual Property. The faculties and mentors give a global level and uniform knowledge of IPRs and especially they made me aware about what IP exactly means. I joined GIIP with a lot of expectations and trust me they all were fulfilled completely.

There are a lot of people providing knowledge about Intellectual Property and even many courses related to the same but luckily I found GIIP that provides full time course and mark my words they are the best in business. That is because of Quality Education through World class faculties and mentors. I have learnt a lot about patents and have given almost 10-15 interviews for job but I have always been asked a question from the interviewer that where did you learn about IPRs from and more specifically patents. I can proudly say GIIP.

GIIP has made a mark globally through the work they have done in past few years. They have taught me right from the basics and till the top tier of IP which I bet no other institute does. The course structure is more refined and once realizes the importance of it once you he comes out in the market. I have seen many people in the market, holding a degree in the field of IP but I there is always one thing commonly missing in them - Which is the basic fundamental knowledge about IP. You may read thousands of books on IP but no one can teach you to live and love IP. GIIP makes you do that. I have started living IP and love patents, Trade Marks and every form of IP because am a GIIPian. I passed out about 3 months ago from GIIP and have already started missing the atmosphere of GIIP. Come, and see for yourself how it feels to live IP, love IP. Come, be a GIIPian like me.
Maitreya Bhatt
(M.Sc. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), PG Diploma 2011-2012 batch topper and scholarship holder)
Respected Sir,

First of all, I would like to inform you about my new job at GEIPER, Noida Area, India as Research Intern.

Very rarely do we acknowledge the role of people who shape us, mould us and help us to find ourselves in that process.

Today, as I stand holding my head held high, I cannot help but bow down to the teacher who has made me what I am. I would like to sincerely thank you for all the efforts and the patience you have shown in transforming me from an [aimless student] into a responsible and focused person.

I shall always remain grateful for all the things I have learnt from you, be it the subject you taught or about life in general.

If there is ever anything I can do for you, it will indeed be a great honor for me.

With sincere thanks for everything.
Kumar Ratish Singh
(M.Tech (Biotechnlogy), Executive PG Program, April 2011 batch)
This is Ankur Bagul, I am glad to inform that i got an offer letter from IPPro, Bangalore . A sincere thanks to you. It was an exhaustive course and good learning experience. Enjoyed every moment of these 2 months. Thanking GIIP for making me choose this career path in Intellectual property.
Ankur Bagul
(M.Tech (Electronics), Executive PG Program, February 2011 batch)
I, Khushwant Singh, from Executive Post Graduate Batch of Feb-Apr, Bangalore, have been selected in Sagacious Research for a post of Patent Analyst.

Sir I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn about Intellectual Property. Its been a great learning experience with such experienced faculty.

Here I would like to thank Dr. Kishore Sreenivasan and Dr. Deepa Kachroo Tiku for expertly handling such a vast subject and concentrating it in such a short span of time.

GIIP has provided a great learning environment and a continuing support till placements. Thanks to Ms. Bhavya Mehta and Mr. Sameer for their efforts and support they have provided during placements and guiding me to join this program.

This course will help me throughout my career in this field.
Khushwant Singh
(M.Tech (Advanced Chemical Analysis), Executive PG Program, February 2011 batch)
Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing good.

I am dropping this mail to you to inform you that i got an opportunity to join K & S Partners (Gurgaon) through GIIP Delhi. Hence, I joined on June, 18, 2012. I felt good as because it’s been the second time for me to get placed through your organization. I thank you from bottom of my heart to provide me such a good opportunity.

Thanks a lot to Mr. Aatish Arora also, who stood by me during those tensed moments and helped to overcome that situation.

Kind Regards,
John Deka (GIIP Batch 2010-11)
John Deka, B.Tech (EE),
PG Diploma June 2010
While preparing for the US patent bar exam I was looking out for training program in IP which could help me to lay down the foundation stone of my career in IP. Going through the site of GIIP, looking at the course description and a promising conversation with Mr. Atulya Nath convinced me to join the executive program of GIIP and I must say it was a good decision. The faculty in GIIP and the guest faculty helped us understand the complexities of patent system with real time examples. They helped me to understand the US patent system and in November 2010, I passed my patent bar exam in my first attempt. I would recommend the courses offered by GIIP not only to students from India but also from other countries, who are looking forward to this exciting career.
Punita Bhasin
((US Patent Agent, Ph.D. Biophysics), Executive PG Program, April 2010 batch)
Hello! How are you?

I am doing fine at TCS and am enjoying my work here. I would also like to let you know that I passed the Indian Patent Agent Exam 2011.

Thanks very much for allowing me to participate in GIIP's course, where I learnt immensely and am using that knowledge everyday.
Shampa Sarkar
(PHD (Physics), M.Sc (Physics), Executive PG Program, April 2010 batch)
It gives me immense pleasure on finally becoming a part of this coveted course. It started with initial discussions with Shailesh, a lot of valuable inputs from yourself and of course counseling sessions with Bhavya to finally prepare myself to enter this domain.

Your commitment for a placement assurance for this course makes it really stand out and presents reason enough for working professionals like me to embrace the risk which comes in with leaving a job and switching fields and still feel confident.

I really look forward to making the best out of this specialised course and be able to carve a niche for myself in this challenging domain, with help and support from all of you at GIIP.
Maneesh Jetley
(M.Sc (Electronics), PGDBA, Executive PG Program, April 2010 batch)
Hope you all are doing fine. The purpose of writing this email was to thank and congratulate you, bhavya and GIIP team for starting an innovative and comprehensive program on intellectual property and providing me with the opportunity to begin an interesting career in this intellectually stimulating field. Studying at GIIP was very enriching and learning experience and I can say with pride that here we got an opportunity to get the IP knowledge from some of the best in this field. Looking forward to maintain a continued relation and wishing the GIIP team all the best for its future endeavors.
Kaustubh Savant
( (Biotechnology), Executive PG Program, April 2010 batch)
I would like to share my personal views about GIIP.

I believe GIIP is one of the outstanding and dynamic Institution in the field of Intellectual property. Which gave us excellent learning platform. To substantiate my believes, I would like to share my personal experience from Avastagen Bangalore where I am currently working.

Last week Avastagen conducted interviews of candidates from IIT for recruitment in IP Department, and I am delighted to tell you that I was also in the Interview committee. While interviewing them I observed that, students from GIIP have got better exposure in all fields of IP than the students from other institutes.

Specifically, in the areas like Prior art search, Patent Landscape, Patent portfolio management, and EP and US Statute and Which taught by Kishore sir, were outstanding, and gave us a fundamentally different thought process to think from different angles. Also the Indian Patent act, Filing procedures, Patent Prosecution, Claims and specification drafting which thought by Deepa madam, Manish sir and Pankaj sir were Excellent.

I would show my gratitude to GIIP Mentors especially Dr. Kishore Sir. He taught us academic as well as how to face problems and main thing he taught how to express your thoughts.

Further I would like to say thanks to You, Dr. Kishore, Dr. Deepa, Dr. Manish, Pankaj Thepe, and Bhavya Mehta and whole GIIP team.
Ganesh Vispute
(M.Sc (Biotechnolgy), Post Graduate Diploma, 2010 – 2011 batch)
Dear Sir,


I apologize for not being able to meet you on the day of my viva- voce examination. Actually, I had bad throat infection due to which I was unable to speak.

Purpose of writing this email is to convey hearty regards and thanks to you for what all you gave me. You have shown me a complete new scenario of ambitious career. I was in teaching line, completely disheartened and disappointed. Because I was not getting ample opportunities to rise there. I used to feel as if my life and career got standstill. But your one phone call of guidance and advice about this patent course was like a miracle to my career.

Then I got placement in my dream company UnitedLex due to your and other faculty’s efforts and hard work. GIIP taught me so many things in six months that I realize it's value in three months of my internship. I know these words are not enough to the role you played in my career. But still a hearty thanks and gratefulness to you and GIIP.
Neha Goyal
(MBA (Mktg. & HR) and B. Pharma)
I feel an immense pleasure to inform you that I have successfully completed my internship in Formulate Ip, Bangalore, and has been permanently placed with a package of Rs 2.4 lacs p. a.

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to have a belief in me and placing me in such a good company. I am feeling very much comfortable working in here.

I really want to say sorry for my late thanks.

The PG Diploma in International Patents and Intellectual Property Services offered me various skills.

Once again thank you very much.
Swati Burde
(B-Pharmacy, Post Graduate Diploma, 2009 – 2010 batch)
I would like to compliment Intellectualz on the excellent IP placement cell that they have put up on. Mr. Aatish Arora has provided me his support and excellent coordination during my recruitment process for which I am thankful to him. I would like to recommend Intellectualz and GIIP for IP professionals for enhancing their IP skills and finding better opportunities in the IP field”

Vishal Singh Remfry and Sagar
Vishal Singh
B.Tech (Mechanical), PG Diploma June 2009
One of the questions that I am asked often when I introduce myself is, why and how did I choose a career in Intellectual Property (IP). Perhaps the origins of my interest in IP lie in my interests in new inventions. While at college, I noticed that while my skills in my subject of specialization (Pharmacy) were about average in class, my other skills such as written and oral communication, debating, making presentations, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills etc were substantially better than average. Also, I found that IP is a highly respected and economically viable profession, as compared to engineering and science, pharmacy or sales. All this made me think seriously about a career in IP.

I thought that Intellectual Property was the only one in which a degree in science or technology would be a major advantage, and not just an additional paper qualification. Typical choices that were available to me on graduation included further studies in the same subject (M.Pharma.), a job through campus placements (usually in manufacturing), and further studies in management (by appearing for entrance exams). I chose to opt for management. Based on a recommendation from my guide who I worked with on my Master’s thesis (Post 2005 Marketing Strategies for Indian Pharmaceutical Industry), I underwent a training program in basics of IPR. From there I developed interest in IP and decided to pursue a career in IP. And for starting my career in IP I needed a professional training in the domain of IP. So I joined GIIP.

There are some fields that require analytical skills, not much specialized knowledge, and minimal training (e.g., software and KPO). Fresh graduates from reputed institutions can easily find high paying jobs in such fields and continue to grow further (just based on their analytical skills or on newly acquired management skills) without investing in acquiring specialized knowledge, however IP is not one of those fields. Without specialized knowledge, one can get a job (even a high paying one) related to IP, but not sustain a career, as the lack of specialized knowledge leads to stagnation in the (initially) high-paying job.

The PG Diploma in International Patents and Intellectual Property Services offered me various skills. Some of the requirements to build a sustainable career in IP (particularly patents) include:

-The ability to grasp new technologies and applications quickly
-Excellent written communication skills
-Ability to understand laws, read bare acts and rules and apply them in practical situations
-Interpretation of techno-legal documents
-Thinking and reasoning like a lawyer (which is different from thinking like a scientist or engineer)
-Analytical skills (particularly in patent analytics)
-Reading comprehension (including ability to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant)
-Attention to detail
-Training by an experienced IP professional
-Practical experience to realize and internalize the training

Among these requirements, the ones that can make the maximum amount of difference to an IP career are 9 & 10, namely training by an experienced IP professional (Internship) and practical experience to realize and internalize the training(Final Placement). GIIP helped me to further enhance 1 to 8. Also GIIP helped me in 9. I am confident that GIIP will help me in 10 as well. The difficult part is getting that one year experience in that first job with a reputed firm without any relevant job experience.

Thus GIIP helped me a lot in kick starting my career in IP.
Ashish Jogi
(MBA (Mktg. & HR) and B. Pharma)
First thing that I liked is the training methodology adopted by the mentors which complements the real –life scenarios. Rather than cramming the theory stress was always laid on learning the fundamentals and then applying that knowledge to solve the assignments.

I was particularly impressed with the course material provided to us, which again focuses on the problem solving approach. The books don’t scare you and are very tempting because of their simple and practical approach to the subject.

Needles to say that course content is comprehensive and you get a broader view of the subject matter.

However, what I liked the most is the “case-study” approach used during the class room training. This is where the GIIP’s program stands out. Once finished with the theory we were always made to solve relevant assignments and case studies right there in the class room. There was probably not a single day when we didn’t solve an assignment or didn’t have a go at a case study. Learning by doing has been the hall mark of this program. This personally instilled a lot of confidence into me.

-Class room trainings were always interactive; it was never a one way session. Due to this I was able to solve most of doubts in the class room itself. Credit for this goes to mentors too as they never got irritated with our repeated queries
-A separate module on soft skills (and on computers) in the 1st trimester was also helpful. I would strongly recommend that to be continued in next session as well
-The physical environment is also very conducive to learning. We had full access to all the resources like web, library books etc

So I would recommend this program to anyone who is sincere, has a technical bent of mind and is willing to make a long term career in the exciting and fresh field of Intellectual property
Sandeep Bhola
(MCA), with work experience of 2 years as IT Engineer at CMC Ltd.
In the near future, as and when India becomes a Research and Development hub, more of intellectual property issues will come up. There is very little awareness regarding intellectual property rights. As of yet, majority of individual scientists and most R and D Institutes have very little infrastructure in place to deal with issues pertaining to the protection and/or validation of intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, India also has a very rich and diverse resource in terms of traditional medicines, herbs and other practices which need to be protected in the form of Biodiversity and other patents.

As a scientist I was always aware of this and knew that we need to proactively pursue patent application for indigenous innovations in scientific research and technology.

Personally, I felt a course in intellectual property rights would give me a brief exposure to the various facets of intellectual property and patent laws and would put me in a unique position to fully understand the dual aspects(scientific and legal) of these issues.

The course curriculum at GIIP had been well structured to take care of this.
Swagata Purkayashtha
(Ph. D in chemistry/ biochemistry, MS in organic chemistry, Bachelors in chemistry,)
The role of intellectual property rights in Today’s Scenario cannot be ignored; it has changed the meaning of Business and development drastically. It has no doubt become the most valued possession and cannot be replaced by any other asset.

Being a graduate in Biotechnology, I am aware of the role of intellectual property rights in this field, it has become one of the biggest IP sectors.

After a detailed research of the various institutes that impart knowledge about intellectual property rights. I found that the Global Institute of Intellectual Property seemed to be the most promising and it turned out to be so. They have equipped me with all the necessary skills that would be required of me in the industry.

The faculty of this institute is highly dedicated towards grooming and sharpening our skills. The study material provided during the course was of great help in understanding the concepts. Ample number of workbooks and assignments were provided in order to better our skills. The faculty has been very dedicated and made sure that each one of us has absorbed what was delivered before going ahead.

They have provided us with the best of the facilities, be it infrastructure or tuitions. They have managed to bring one of the most prominent people in this field to address us and given us an opportunity to interact with them and solve our queries.

The mentoring sessions that were conducted towards the end of this program was of a great help. It gave us a summary of and revision of the entire course in brief and also gave us the opportunity to get the feedback of our work from some of the leading people in the US. It has indeed been a wonderful learning experience in GIIP and I am sure that the skills that I have gained during this course will go a long way.
Aditi Nambiar
(B.Sc.-Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics)
As, in today’s scenario In India and globally knowledge based economy is driven everywhere. In near future it has significant growth. By, Intellectual Property Rights one can make sure to protect it. As, India is hub for research & development as it has various resources & best mind to exploit these resources.

So, for this and for the future we have the thorough knowledge of how to protect our intelligence worldwide. By going through this course one can get the full understanding of the usefulness of this course.

This course is designed in a very good manner so, that a student can easily understand from beginning. The faculty is well trained to teach in their respective subject. The course material given to the students is of very helpful to get the detailed knowledge, and the case study given to the students are very beneficial to understand the subject and the library having excellent books relating IP.

The class room training by mentors and visiting faculty were quite helpful & they were always to help & to solve our queries. We had the full access to all the facilities like web, library books etc.

Personally, I feel by going through a course in intellectual property rights will help me to boost my career in the new and expanding field of intellectual property and patent laws. This will enhance my opportunities to grab a good job in the market.
Sameer Nijhawan
(B.Sc ,having a work experience of 9 years in the Pharma/Fashion industry)
In today’s fast moving world where technology is moving ahead and law is lagging behind, why I choose to do this course because I could understand the right significance of intellectual property. with so much of technological advancements the fight is going to be of mind and technology not of manpower, after doing this course I think that I’m well equipped with the best of technology and law and in this way I could justify my educational qualification. GIIP has given me the best training in this field that could have been imparted to any person in India and provided me a suitable platform.

The international mentors and the training that has been provided to us are just immaculate and impeccable. GIIP has groomed and polished my skills and education and taken out the best of me and made me realize the real strength of mine and gave my carrier a right direction.

At the end I would like to thanks every one who is associated with GIIP, My mentors, Management and the members on the board which has made the environment so processional and friendly. I wish the GIIP a very grand success and seek their blessing in my carrier throughout my life.
Mahendra Vikarm Singh
(BE (Computer Science), LL.B)

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