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Our programs in International Patents & Intellectual Property Services will open many doors for your future. The course will cover several major Intellectual Property topics and also help the participants develop related skill sets such as legal and technical writing, computer and presentation skills that are prerequisites for a successful Intellectual Property career. On completion, the participants would have developed a skill set that is second to none and be on path for lucrative IP & patents related jobs.

A career in Intellectual Property is a secure and never ending career. An Intellectual Property professional can define their own destiny by continuing onto advanced studies and becoming a specialist in one of the many Intellectual Property areas. Graduates from GIIP’s program will have a huge leap over others if they wish to become an Intellectual Property specialist or plan to sit for the U.S. or Indian Patent Bar exam.

The Opportunity

India Scenario

Where is the Opportunity?

Modern, Developing, Innovation driven Industries and Organizations



Participants appearing for their final year/semester exam are also eligible to apply.

Career Prospects

Technical Graduates with pure / life science, engineering, pharma, biotech, software and degrees

Legal Graduates (LLB, LLM), Non-Technical

Legal Graduates (LLB, LLM), Technical

Job Profile

Technical Graduates

Patent Engineers, Agents

Patent Examiners

Patent & IP Expert / Advisor / Consultant

Patent Prosecutors – Entry level

Patent Prosecutors – Intermediate level

Patent Prosecutors – Expert level

Legal Graduates

Working at End User Organization

Working at a Law Firm or as independent IP Attorney

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