Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)

Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management
Batch starts from Monday, August 17, 2020 at Bangalore centre


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Learning Objectives

Course Curriculum

The PG curriculum is tailored to meet industry requirements as well as the needs of aspiring professionals. It includes up-to-date education in US, European and Indian Patent and IP laws and procedures and is designed and delivered by outstanding professionals with rich teaching, research, industry and consulting experience.

GIIP's curriculum is enriched through affiliation & partnership with:

The program is divided into following 3 trimesters:






Note: 13th Week and 26th Week are reserved for examinations of Trimester I and II respectively.

The last trimester will be devoted for Corporate Internship

Course Methodology

GIIP has evolved a comprehensive form of transferring knowledge from overseas to India. All training centres are well supported by audio-visual aids and other training tools and processes.

Some distinctive methods of training adopted at GIIP include:

At GIIP, design and delivery of the training imparted by the international faculty, is geared to address global markets and enable employment.


The course fees is Rs 2,36,000 (Rupees Two Lac Thirty Six Thousand only)

Financial Assistance

As part of our mission to be a world-class institute for training of technical and legal talent that meets the growing demand for employable skills in the field of International Patents and IP services, we are trying to bring together an agglomerate of Intellectual Property practitioners and the industry experts together to make our students the global experts in Intellectual Property Arena.

To facilitate greater participation of students in our International training programs, GIIP provides financial assistance in the form of Education Loan from HDFC bank, Industry and Trustee sponsored Scholarships and Corporate Sponsorships for deserving, meritorious and needy students.


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