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The objective is to train the participants in the art and skill of patent claim drafting. The ‘Gems of Wisdom’ and ‘Absolute Rules’ in claim drafting are often required by the amateurs as well as professionals will be shared and practiced as part of the ‘hands-on’ training and practical sessions

The training will be interactive sessions with Trainers (IP Attorneys, Experts and Practitioners) including group discussions, self learning exercises, simulations, case studies, scenario exercises. The objective is to promote a collaborative learning environment with constant inputs and feedback from the learners. Where ever possible, the focus will be on ‘real world’ problems and probable solution strategies. The focus will be to deliver content that can help conceptual understanding and practical application of critical content in a relatively short period of time.


The course is being offered full-time and Live Interactive Classes. The three-week course will be delivered by a team of experts that allows participants to access coursework, projects, assignments, discussion boards, and live engagement opportunities with instructors and classmates.

The emphasis of the course is on providing practical exposure in drafting complete patent applications. The sessions include hands-on exercises in which participants will be made to draft claims and specification and that in turn will be critiqued and reviewed by the trainers.


  • Introduction to Claims Drafting: Claims Drafting – Overview of Legal and Technical Perspectives, The Working Concepts of Claims Drafting (Basic and Advanced Levels), Breadth
  • Inventor Interview
    – Identification of Novelty
    – The detailed process of invention disclosure
    – the 4Ws Post Inventor Interview 
  • Drafting the broadest claim; Point of novelty; How to draft the broadest claim
    Drafting and critiquing of broadest claims
  • Claiming beyond the broadest claims, The Concept of Claim Tree
  • Drafting and critiquing of narrower claims – concept of claim differentiation, Dependency of Claims.
  • Different type of Claims
    • End Product / Component / System / Apparatus Claim
    • Product by process Claims
    • Method for Making / Method for Using type Claims
    • Claims containing Parameters
    • Means + Function Clauses
    • Jepson Claims
    • Beauregard Claims
  • Drafting of Specifications (Non-Provisional) – The US Scenario, Discussions / Q&A.
  • Salient features of Life Sciences Claims -Types of claims, examples, case studies, patentable versions of each type of claims in different jurisdictions (US, EP, IN), Case Law
  • Drafting and critiquing of software related claims (case study), Discussions / Q&A.
  • Patent Drawings


Graduates, Post Graduates with Science, Engineering or technology degrees


Participants should possess good communication and writing skills, should be capable of understanding the technical concepts and processes. At the same time, should have basic understanding of the patent laws and procedures.


Dr. Mangala Venkatramani Mangala, PhD (University of Bangalore)

Dr. Venkatramani, former Head –Indian Patent Group, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. She has a Ph.D degree in Botany specializing in plant physiology and Biochemistry from the Bangalore University. She joined R&D unit Hindustan Unilever Limited and worked in the labs for many years before taking the responsibilities of the Patent Department. She is a qualified Indian patent agent and was the Head of Patent Group, India and have been responsible for protecting the inventions globally and advising in IP matters across the business interest of the Company. 

Program Fee

INR 60,000 + GST

The program fee covers tuition, coursework, case materials, tea/coffee snacks.

GIIP is happy to extend discounts to corporate or firms that wish to enroll multiple candidates for the workshop. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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