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The collection and retrieval of patent publications is a critical component of a company’s intellectual property strategy and, quite suitably, becomes work done by a specialist. Within many organisations, patent information specialists have the responsibility for determining how patent information is best made available and how it is best used within their organisations in a strategic manner. 

In addition to technical literature, books and conferences / seminars, patents are a very important source of information for managers, scientists and technicians involved in research, development, and in bringing forward new products and processes. Indeed 80% of what is published in patents is not published elsewhere. 

Successful innovation is thus inseparable from the proper use of patent information, both concerning the legal-patent aspects as well as the technical- scientific aspects of the innovation process. However, the use of patent information is often far from optimal for the following reasons:

Dutch based GO opleidingen organizes this training program in which these challenges will
be addressed. The training is organised under auspices of Dutch Patent Information User
Group (WON).


Virtual classes will be conducted on weekdays from 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM India time.

Projects, assignments and case study documents will be provided in advance to all participants. Q&A session of 30 minutes at end of each session Two assessment exams will be held at end of the virtual sessions and participants who pass both exams (minimum pass percentage 50) will receive an official certificate, registered with a governing body Stichting Post-HBO in the Netherlands.


Individuals must have at least a bachelor degree in a technical-scientific discipline. During the training there is frequent use of the Internet. Participants are expected to have some experience of this medium.


The PG Diploma program is conducted by a team of international and Indian IP experts and practitioners. Practical knowledge and mentoring are a strong part of this training

All our team of trainers, mentors and experts will be drawn from one of the following domains:

Aalt van de Kuilen joined Solvay on 1st April 1980 as a chemist at the age of 23. In 1989, he was given the opportunity by Solvay to work part-time (1.5 days a week) as Chemistry teacher. In 1993 he moved into the Patent Department inside Solvay Pharmaceuticals (now Abbot Healthcare Products). During this period he became a member of the Dutch Patent Information User Group and soon afterwards a Board Member. From September 2002 onwards, he became responsible for all Scientific Information.

Bart van Weezenbeek studied biology at the University of Utrecht, specialising in microbiology and neurophysiology. After that he studied Dutch civil law at the University of Tilburg specialising in intellectual property, Anglo-American law
and liability law. Since 1994 he is Dutch and European Patent Attorney, and since 1997 company lawyer. In 2001 he was sworn in as deputy justice in the appeal court in The Hague. In January 2002 he joined Vereenigde, where he is now
senior associate.

Stephen Adams is managing director of Magister Ltd., an information and training consultancy specialising in patents documentation. He trained as a chemist at the University of Bristol, then completed a Masters degree in Information Science at City University London. He has worked in technical information for over 25 years, in central UK government, private research associations and industry, including 9 years with Syngenta as their principal patent searcher.


WON is an association of patent information specialists from companies and institutes. WON members are responsible for the professional and efficient use of patent information in their companies or organizations. WON’s objectives are:

To reach its objectives, WON:

Program Fee

INR 1,90,000 + GST

The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials and tea/coffee & lunch

GIIP is happy to extend discounts to corporate or firms that wish to enroll multiple candidates for the workshop. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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