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1. Who delivers the training?

GIIP has spent past 10 plus years developing a network of international faculty of expert trainers from all areas of industry and commerce. We have a large network of trainers that comprise of highly experienced Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents, IP practitioners with rich teaching, research and industry experience. We work closely with you to select the trainer(s) that would ‘best fit’ for your organization and training requirements.

2. How much does it cost?

Custom, in-house training is far more cost-effective as your team is not required to travel and spend lengthy period of time out of the office. The cost of each custom program varies depending on various factors, such as length of training, trainer selected, learning outcomes requirements, venue, etc. If budget is a concern we will work with you to develop a program to suit both your training needs and budget.

3. Where will the training be held?

If you opt for instructor-led training, it can be delivered either at your office or at an external venue, whichever you decide is more appropriate.


We can alternatively deliver your training in online webinar format, in which case your team can attend from your offices or from their home.

4. How many people can be trained at the same time?

This depends very much on the type and style of the program. For an interactive and practical training programme with one trainer we generally recommend no more than 20 delegates to ensure the quality and personal attention is maintained. There is flexibility to use more than one trainer on a program, or run two programs concurrently if your numbers are higher.

5. How about assessment of the team at end of the training?

For assessment/certification of your team based on learning outcomes defined in the planning stage of the program, we offer various options, such as, project work, written exam, online MCQ exam, etc

6. Will I receive a certificate?

Upon completion of any course, all delegates will be awarded a certificate of completion / attendance. You will receive a physical copy of certificate within 30 days of course completion.

7. How to start?

Please contact us for more information on how we can work with you to help your organization grow and succeed.

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